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Dimensional 3D Letter & Logo Signs

Lighted 3D letter signs will make your business stand-out.

Dimensional 3D letter signs are a great way to advertise your business. The letters are printed using high-quality materials and then cut to size. This makes them perfect for outdoor advertising and window displays.

Dimensional Lettering Signs & 3D Sign Letters for Businesses

Dimensional Lettering Signs, also known as channel letter signage, are great for indoor and outdoor applications. The best thing about 3D signage is its visual impact. Customers will notice your sign immediately from a more significant distance, day or night. Various colors, shapes, and sizes of letters are available to match your needs. Atlas Sign Group Ohio can customize dimensional characters based on design, installation location, and lighting needs.

Types of Dimensional Letters

There are many different kinds of dimensional lettering signs available. A dimensional lettering system allows you to create the exact look you want for your company. When purchasing dimensional lettering from a sign company, remember that there are many options and custom designs.

Flat Cut Letters

There are several ways to achieve the desired look. Laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and routing are three standard methods. Flat-cut letters are made from plastic, wood, stone, glass, ceramic, steel, and other materials.

Fabricated Channel Letters

Dimensional lettering can be made of aluminum, allowing it to last outdoors all year round. Fabricated channel letters offer many different options for exterior or interior applications. You can choose between single-sided or double-sided channel letters. The expert craftsman at our sign company can create custom channel letters that meet your specific needs using a variety of materials.

Light Source

Illumination makes signs more visible. Most internal sign lettering uses LED lighting. LEDs last much longer than fluorescent tubes. Older fluorescent bulb signs can be upgraded to longer-lasting and more efficient LED lights. Lighting is usually installed in each dimensional sign letter.

Custom 3D Signs & Letters in Ohio

Custom 3D lettering is an affordable way to add personality to your company's branding. The 3D letters are often used for exterior signage, but they can also be used indoors using a wide variety of materials and sizes. We can help you design a unique logo or brand identity. If you're looking for a new look for your business, we can create it.

Best use for channel letter signage

Dimensional letter signage has been used in advertising since the early 1900s. It was first used to advertise products such as cigarettes, beer, and automobiles. These sign letters are still widely used to promote businesses, brands, events, and services.

  • Restaurant signage
  • Retail Business Signage
  • Strip Plaza Signage
  • Hotel and motel signage
  • Sports arena signage
  • Bank Signage

We have installed dimensional letter signs from Cleveland, OH, to Pittsburg, PA, and Erie, PA, to Canton, OH.

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